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2020 Annual Direct Data Entry (DDE) Recertification

Last updated May 11 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 DDE Recertification is delayed until further notice.

In the interim, in order to better assist WPS with determining which Authorized Signer should receive the 2020 DDE Recertification for their PTAN(s) please take the following actions:

  • If there is more than one Authorized Signer that has a DDE Submitter ID for the PTAN(s)
    • Meet with all Authorized Signers and determine which Authorized Signer should receive the 2020 Annual DDE Recertification email for the PTAN(s). 
    • Contact the DDE Department by phone (866) 518-3295 or email medicare.dde.analysts@wpsic.com.
  • If an Authorized Signer is no longer employed with the PTAN(s) 
  • If there are PTAN(s) in which a Change of Ownership took place over 12 months from the current date
    • It is the Authorized Signer (DDE Submitter) responsibility to submit the DDE Submitter ID Request Form with the request type “Remove PTANs” 
    • The DDE Submitter ID Record will be updated.
  • To add a PTAN to the Authorized Signer DDE Submitter ID 

Continue to check the website for any updates regarding the 2020 DDE Recertification.